Malware Embedded in Advertising – What is the Solution?

Malware is everywhere and becoming one of the most common security threats in the industry.  The link below provides some insight into the seriousness of this issue.

There really is not a great solution for this problem at this time, but how can a company that serves adds mitigate the risk.  There are several ways.

  1. Ensure all ads that are uploaded are hashed in some way to ensure the add being delivered is the add uploaded by the client.

  2. Use file monitoring tools like tripwire on image servers to help ensure that adds are not modified.  This will also help provide proof if there is an actual attack on the add server.

  3. Scan adds with anti-virus software.  Although this will not catch everything it will catch some of the files.

  4. Scan adds for known malware URL’s to prevent phishing type attacks.  (This is like a signature based solution and takes a great deal of maintenance to keep up with the attackers)

  5. Hope someone comes up with a good solution that can regularly scan all the adds for malware.

The above will help limit the liability of the ad company serving adds and has some preventive measures that can be implemented to protect both the add companies brand and their customers who may be uploading malware adds without knowing it.


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