Army Says Mac’s Are More Secure! Are They?

An article was recently published about the Army adding Macs to improve security.  Although diversifying vendors will usually make you more secure if used to support a defense-in-depth strategy, the context of the article supports a lack of knowledge or evidence to support the statements made on the Army’s part. 

Article in Full:;_ylt=AtIAHN4BI3dTDzpNM.n7xA8E1vAI


There is one particular statement that is worrisome whereas the Army security spokesperson has been quoted “Apple’s version of Unix is inherently more secure than Windows”.  Now I don’t claim to know all the facts but if you look at the links provided below the Mac OSx falls behind in 2007 and in the year 2004 has less advisories, but remains equally comparative percentage wise in regards to the number of critical vulnerabilities.


2007 Stats:

2004 Stats:


Fortunately the article has a counter argument by Charlie Miller at the end supporting the fact that the Army needs to step it up with more than Macs when it comes to security strategy.  He comments about Mac being “behind the curve in security”.  Also has a great reference stating “In the story of the three little pigs, did diversifying their defenses help? Not for the pig in the straw house.”  On the other hand diversifying is good if you use one product to back up the function of another project in the event one fails.  So even though the pigs straw house was destroyed if that third pig could get to the brick house it would still survive.