2013 –The Year of the Agents

Its official 2013 has been declared the year of the Agents.  Even though one of the world’s largest hacks occurred near the end of the year at Target, there is no competition with the NSA privacy issues and Agent Snowden’s escapade to Russia.  Thus, in spirit of Hackers & Agents this year goes to the Agents and in celebration I put together a summary of 2013.

AgentTshirtSpreadshirt Apparel

Check out the Spreadshirt shop.  There are now 25 items available for men, women, and children, including our latest Agent shirt in support of “The Year of the Agents”.  Our top seller for the year still remains the Rootkit Hoodie, but with the new additions we may see that change in 2014.




Are you looking for a new handout for your next career fair?  How about something to hand out as a part of your company security awareness program?  Well in July of 2013 Hackers & Agents and Praetorian worked together to create a co-branded card deck and website.

Social Media

This year has been a boom on the social media front.  The Facebook page is at over 600 likes for the year and recently the Google + started gaining some traction.  These two avenues continue to be the primary means for communicating updates as well as discounts to our Spreadshirt apparel.


Booster Packs

DeckCon Shop AdOriginally the plan was to release two booster packs.  The threat booster which was geared at teaching individuals the threat landscape and the Deckcon booster which was geared at providing more in-depth security awareness on many common topics.  In short, there was a problem with packing small booster packs and as a result these two boosters were combined into one pack.  This new booster pack adds two complete new game mechanic modifiers for faster and engaging play.


Gamecrafter Awardsnaquadah_seller

This turned out to be a successful year for both the Gamecrafter and our card sales.  As a result, the core game was awarded four different awards throughout the year for sales.  The Gamecrafter site where the core game and booster packs can be purchased prominently displays these awards in the top right corner or our game.


BoardGame Geek

This year the game was also put on BoardGame Geek.  There is still a lot of work to get the name out here and if you own the game we ask that you provide feedback and review.


Website Updates

As with any online presence the main Hackers&Agents website has been updated to reflect some of these changes throughout the year.



Hacker Shirt Design

Need some cool gifts for the holidays?  Check out the Hacker shirt design.

Hacker Shirt

Is something you would like to see available for purchase before the end of the year?

If so please go to the Hackers&Agents facebook page and like it.  I’m going to have several shirts made up based on the number of likes.

Hacker Agent and The Brain Tank

Hackers & Agents the card game is in full swing.  The game is continuing to evolve with several add on packs coming out soon.   If you like encryption puzzles there is a new encryption card in the deck with added difficulty.  Check out the Facebook page for any new updates.  Also there are several tutorials and graphics posted to help with normal game play.


On another note I will be hanging out at the Hacker-Maker conference in Rhode Island this weekend doing more locking picking and handing out a few decks.


I ran into a Schalge Everest lock giving me a challenge so if you are into lock picking I think its important to have a tension wrench that enters from the top.  I’m hoping the lockpick village at the Brain tank has some good practice locks.


Hackers & Agents

The first fast pace security inspired card game.

  • Real Hacker Secrets Hidden within different cards.
  • Fast paced with plenty of strategy.
  • Family friendly and simple to learn.

After 6 long months I was finally able to finish my latest project.

Game Description

The world has been infiltrated with hackers who are out to steal your personal data if they can get their hands on it. The agents are well armed with forensic investigation techniques and sworn to catch these cyberpunks.
Will you get away clean or catch the hacker by ridding yourself of all of your cards before every other player.
Points are obtained by cards left in your hand after one player has placed all of his/her cards on the PLAYCARD pile. Each player scores penalty points for cards left in their hand. Any player that has reached 500 points is eliminated from the game.
When only two players are left, they play head to head, until eventually one player is the last player standing (i.e. the agent that caught all the hackers or the hacker that got away with the prize).

Get your copy now!