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There has been a large amount of security information and recent attacks posted in the media.  We have Mandiant’s report on China as well as several issues concerning Java.  The pure volume of information over the past year has made it difficult to keep up without a combination sources.  As a result InfoSecAlways has done a few modifications to the site.  Please check out the new “Security Feeds” in the right column (4th Block Down).  This is a combination of about 20 different security RSS feeds piping into the blog now.  You can check the site daily to get the latest news and updates in the industry.

Also, check out the links page as there are several new Threat and Vulnerability links added.  These are great if you are looking for specific attacks, breaches, or threats.

Security Breach Resources

Pulling security breach trends for different industries the past few months I came across a few good sources to help anyone that needs specific data.

Two sites I found with an abundance of information were: hosts a chronological list of breaches several years back until present date with a brief description of the breach and the number of records affected. hosts the actual breach notification letters that have been sent out.

For statistics and trends use these resources.


In general it looks like breaches frequency is about the same in 2007 and 2008.  Problems seem to be related to basic items such as laptop theft, data left unencrypted, and your usual intruder attack.