New Links Page – Policy and Standards

I never seem to have all my links in where I need them.  Either they are on a work computer or my home computer and never in one place.  Therefore, I have created a Links page that I will continually be updating (I may separate into separate pages if it gets too large).  For now I have added a group of policy and standards pages that I may use from time to time.

If you have any links you think should be added to the library please post a comment on the blog and I will evaluate and add if it meets the criteria.



  1. I had this problem as well for a while. I use firefox mainly, but also use IE on various windows boxes and Safari on Mac. I recently found and found that it fit my needs quite nicely. Create the bookmarks, access them from anywhere and you can even create ‘bundles’ which can loosely be tied to facets. Very handy.

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