The Brain Tank Con Review 2012

The first annual Brain Tank conference – Small but effective!

There are good and bad things about small Hacker cons.  The good was that you have time to talk and figure things out with other people much more effectively than some of the larger conferences.  The bad is that larger conferences tend to have many items for purchase to help you improve your skills.  These items were not available at the Brain Tank con.  Overall the mix between Hacker/Maker proved interesting and informative for the presentations that I watched.  It was also good for those of us looking to get in more experience in the Lockpick Village hosted by Toool.  However, if you were looking for additional picks or tension wrenches this was not the place.

Overall the event had about 150 people and was a good time helping gain more experience.  This event surely will grow over time and eventually have to relocate to a bigger space than that provided by


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