CSAW 2013 and Threads

This year’s CSAW and Threads events really show why NYU is a strong community for Cyber Security.  I was nothing but the best when it comes to the list of speakers.  Some of the key players expanded on their previous talks earlier in the year from Defcon, while others provided some sound interesting new ways to look at old security problems.  I especially enjoyed Hank Leininger’s password topology talk.

Threads Speakers

CSAW was also very impressive.  I had the privilege of seeing this event from the judges perspective for the High School Forensics (HSF) competition.  All I can say is that some of these contestants were simply impressive.  Not only was their forensic work top notch, but their reporting and quality of work performed was amazing for individuals with no professional experience.  The winners of this contest really do deserve the scholarships they are awarded and I’m sure many of them will continue to be key players in the security scene for years to come.  Congrats to all the teams especially The Cams Nugget and Electric Sheep.

CSAW 2013

CSAW High School Forensics (HSF)


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